Beloved scars


from wounds that won’t heal.
they burn in rage over its brokenness,
a brokenness you cannot heal.
you tried to heal them
by covering them with more imperfections.
you didn’t realize it,
but you became a slave to fear.
fear tried to bind your wounds,
but it kept you from healing,
for you can’t be enough.
the Perfect Healer has them as well.
He willing took scars
upon His head, hands, feet, and side.
for you.
and yet…
He kept them.

after His Resurrection,
He did not wrap His wounds,
but revealed His scars.
fear didn’t hide them.
rather, He kept them to show his love for you.
Truly by His wounds, we are healed.
Run to Him with uncovered scars,
for in Him is true Healing.
Beloved scars….
(Romans 8:14-16, Isaiah 53)