dear self...don't fear.

fear… it can bind you.
but that’s only when you lose sight of the One
who has freed your bounds and is in control.
the Israelites boldly followed the Lord
but, they looked back
at the Egyptian army that was after them.
and in an instant the Israelites feared,
even though He was with them
and had just portrayed His control
through the plagues.
The Lord saved them by parting the Red Sea
as well as one of His angels traveling behind them.
fast forward.
Peter loved and followed Jesus,
never wanting to disappoint.
He willing followed Him on the waves.
but, when he saw the rage of the storm
with the furious waves,
fear overtook him, drowning him.
Looking to the Lord, Peter was saved.
Staying in the comfort zone will deprave you
from so much more that’s found in God.
Surrender your fears to Jesus-
the Warrior greater than any other.
dear self…don’t fear.
(Ex. 14, 15:3, Ps. 31, Matt. 14:22-36, Dt. 31:6)

Luke Youngblood1 Comment