it hunts for you. 
you try again and again
to fill the void,
but it only rips your heart.

Empty. Empty. Empty.

a deep craving for more.
your cup is always drained,
food always not satisfying.

you begin to chase after things
things people said were fulfilling
but what you didn't realize sooner
was that those were the same people
who were just as hungry and thirsty
as you.

An empty heart is what is left in your hands.
you look back over your shoulder
to see the path you have taken.
You never found the well that never made you thirsty
Nor did you find the bread that makes you never go hungry.

dear friend,
who has walked a step, a mile, or a marathon
on this beaten and worn road,
He has never stopped chasing after you.
He is the Good Shepherd.
He's the Bread of Life.
He's the Everlasting River.
His Bread fully sustains and your cup never runs dry in His presence.
(Psalms 23//John 6:48-51//John 7:37-38)