Simply Follow.


He looked up into the face who had forever saved him. He had forsaken his old life years back to learn from the One who grants eternal life. The things he had learned he would never forget for they had become his identity.
His identity was now found in the One King of the world.
He could still remember when he was a captive to regret and shame. Three days he was enslaved by what he had done. He had betrayed his Savior during the same hour He had been carried away. He had denied Him not once, but three times. He had desperately wanted to relive the last meal he had had with Him. For in that meal, he had drunk and eaten with his Savior, accepting who He is. At that table, he had seen the face of love as He drank and ate with His disciples. Captivity held him as his Savior died the ultimate and gruesome death willingly. Joy had filled his soul unlike any other times upon stumbling into the empty grave and seeing Him alive.
And now confusion clouded his mind as Jesus had asked him if he loved Him. Of course he loved Him!
His security and identity were in Him. Jesus had died for his sins.
But, he thought, "Is my love for Him a real love?"
His heart beat yes. He was charged to feed His lambs. But, how?
Breaking through his thoughts, Jesus suddenly stated, "Follow me."
Simply follow HimI shall.
Turning, he saw John.
Doubt filled his mind as he stared at John. Why couldn't I be like John? John had the perfect path chosen for him and was love no matter what, so it seemed. 
Suddenly Jesus' words cut to his heart. 
"Follow meWhat is he to you? Follow me."

Simply follow Jesus.
(John 21:15-23, 1 John 2:7-10, Titus 3:3-7, Ephesians 4:25-5:2)