Images flare to life as you stare
back into the water. 
things you've been longing for,
but you can't ever seem to acquire.

what you didn't see sooner was
that you've been blinded
by your own desire.

blindness can deprive you from
what's in front of you.
often, envy and blindness are
at the same table.

What if you just try opening your eyes?
What if if you simply stop doubting Him?
and stop envying people He has created.

Can you honestly believe in Him
when you have nothing in your hands?
spending more time being thankful no matter what
and praising to+with Him.

I wonder what would happen if
more people sought after the Creator of all
instead of the things He has made.
After all, which is of greater value to you-
the artist or the portrait?
(Jn. 20:24-29, Psalms 27:13, 37:5, 119:66)