“You are not good enough. You really thought yourself handsome or beautiful?

You are oh so totally not smart enough.

You do not belong at all.

You are not skinny enough.

You are nothing.

How can anyone ever love you? You will never find true love.

  You will never amount to anything.

You are not good enough.”

    It is not difficult to know what the world says about who you are supposed to be. Beauty magazines tell you to be as thin as possible, beyond beautiful, and built only with muscles. College tells you to be the smartest person ever. Hollywood tells you to constantly be in a relationship. Friends tell you to be like them. The list continues on.

All these words the world screams at you has a common thread. Perfection.

Anything short of this (says the world) = Worthless.

    Lies can slowly creep into your life without you even fully realizing it. It does not take much for the lies to get started. Even more so, they are disguised by the enemy. 

Lies can enter one simply by thoughts. 

Once they enter, it is hard stopping them from the next important part of the soul:

The heart.

    The heart is what makes one live. It beats methodically, allowing a person to draw in oxygen. When a person cannot inhale another breath, everything shuts down, causing the body to fade away. Lies can spiritually drown the heart. Eventually, one begins to believe the lies. Lies become truth at that point. Truth is blinding.

The lies love to make you believe you are worth nothing.

    But, know this precious daughter and son of the King: You are beloved.

    No matter how much the lies eat your soul, He is with you, loving you all the way. 

You are 

NOT worthless.

  Lies are

  NOT the truth.

  The truth about yourself is what He has done for you. Speak the real truth into your soul. 

Jeremiah 31:3.

Psalms 139:13-14.

Psalms 103:3-5, 10-13.

All of your sins have 

been washed away by the sacrifice of His blood. 

Jesus died for you and me, because of His deep and everlasting love. 

Believe and hold onto the truth through every heartbeat that He loves you. 

You are beloved.