my soul cries out in sorrow,
for they are the very part
of my soul I want to erase,
the very part not crown worthy.
yet, no matter how hard I try,
nor how many substitutes I seek
to be good enough,
neither how many accomplishments
I strive to obtain
to wash away my imperfections,
I can do nothing
to wash my dirty rags.
the Perfect One is all I need.
He is the Perfect Sacrifice.
He has forgiven my imperfections.
Yes, my soul will accept the Perfect One
and not abuse the gift.
I will seek Him
+believe He is enough
+confess all of my sins.
Let who you are in the Perfect One
declare the courageous warrior in you.
imperfections…to point to the One
who is Greater
and living today in you.
(Isaiah 64:6, Romans 8:1-17, 10:9-11,
Hebrews 4:15, 1 Peter 1:13-25)


Luke Youngblood1 Comment